Thorne Research, Crucera-SGS, 60 растительных капсул


Thorne Research, Crucera-SGS, 60 растительных капсул

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Код товара: THR-66001
UPC код: 693749660019
Упаковка: 60 Veggie Caps
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Отзывы покупателей

I feel better now
Отзыв оставлен rosanjin 09.10.2015

I felt bloated and generally lethargic for a while and was looking for a solution when I found this.I've known Thorne Research for their quality and pureness of their supplements so decided to give it a try. The effect was quite surprising. My eyes are less tired, bloated feeling is gone and I feel energized and focused again after taking this for just 3 days. Now it's part of my supplement regime.

Good product
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 02.04.2015

I have been using this product for my autistic child, based on what I had read about the clinical trials conducted by Johns Hopkins. She's had good results so far, displays more awareness, better eye contact, overall she's better.

Helps me feel better
Отзыв оставлен danarm 31.10.2014

Great antioxidant. It upregulates the Nrf2 metabolic pathway which means the body will produce more of its own natural antioxidants. The bottle sat in my cabinet for months but when I finally got around to talking it I discovered that it's one of the best supplements I have ever taken.