Source Naturals, Пантетин, 300 мг, 90 таблеток


Source Naturals, Пантетин, 300 мг, 90 таблеток

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Отзыв оставлен анонимно 07.04.2016

I have been taking these as part of a program to reverse coronary artery disease, all indications so far are that they are working, as I have a greater exercise tolerance and improved general well being.

Отзыв оставлен анонимно 23.12.2014

Excellent for the liver, especially for any extra fat in the liver. Helps clear it up.

Five star Pantethine - please watch your iron levels
Отзыв оставлен Health-Is-Wealth 24.04.2013

I think the only thing I would say against Pantethine (and by that I mean Pantethine in general, NOT this product or brand), is that Pantethine will deplete iron. If your iron stores are low and you do not supplement iron, pantethine will cause your iron stores to lower more. Watch for the usual signs such as lethargy etc. Source Naturals are a good brand and this Pantethine is effective. The caplets are small and easy to swallow and hold together well if you prefer to cut them in half. Suggest storing Pantethine in the fridge to retain potency.

Helps in Removal of Candida Toxin Acetaldehyde BUT BE CAREFUL
Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2969407 15.10.2012


This supplement appears to be very effective in removing and/or neutralizing the effects of the candida-produced toxin acetaldehyde.

However, that poisonous feeling was one feedback mechanism that told me how I was doing in my battle to control this invasive organism. And Pantethine has largely removed that (very unpleasant) feedback signal.

In my case, this led to ignoring dietary and other concerns that have helped to control the yeast in the past. As a result, I was confronted a few months later with a set of very unpleasant and alarming symptoms of yeast spreading to other parts of the body from the gut where it normally resides when kept in check by diet and anti-fungal natural substances such as can be found in the S. Colet Lahoz book Conquering Yeast Infections.

I still *feel* fairly good so far as my head being clear is concerned, but in reality I'm more sick in other ways not involving the secondary effects of the candida toxin.

So go ahead and use this stuff, but pay even closer attention to your diet and other approaches to keeping the yeast under control.

Also, it probably is a good idea to take some silymarin with this, since I think that a path of acetaldehyde elimination is through the liver, which may therefore need additional support.

---About 15 years ago I had a health crisis which I believe was due to an overgrowth of candida. Through an intensive attack on the problem, I was able to overcome its worst aspects in a relatively short time, and am currently in excellent health. However, I believe that the tendency for the yeast to overgrow has remained, and even with a fairly strict diet, there is some small level of candida, with its attendant toxin, acetaldehyde.

This has often interfered with my ability to fall asleep, by causing a restless need to move limbs due to toxic pooling when muscles are immobilized. I discovered Pantethine about two months ago, and it has almost completely eliminated this problem. If I

Natural way to lower triglycerides
Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1172933 20.12.2010

This product has good reviews to help target and lower triglycerides. Have not used it long enough to really review it. I will get them retested in about 3 months.So far no stomach upset, no bad effects at all.

Отзыв оставлен vitality 17.04.2012

I take this for detoxing - is good for people with multiple chemical sensitivity - but it's also good for the skin.