Ella's Kitchen, Супернежное пюре, персики + бананы, 3,5 унции (99 г)


Ella's Kitchen, Супернежное пюре, персики + бананы, 3,5 унции (99 г)

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Код товара: ELL-00007
UPC код: 845901000076
Упаковка: 3.5 oz (99 g)
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Обычная цена: ₽168,52
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Отзывы покупателей

Really good natural taste
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 04.05.2016

Really good taste

Отзыв оставлен анонимно 09.09.2014


Ella's Kitchen, Peaches + Bananas, 3.5 oz (99 g)
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 13.04.2014

taste nice~~~

Отзыв оставлен анонимно 11.12.2013

My grandson loves this. He likes is "straight up" and mixed in with his oatmeal.

my son loves it!
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 27.07.2013

he loves this one as well as all of the other Ella's Kitchen fruit & vegetables smoothies & purees:)

Ella's Kitchen, Peaches + Bananas
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 25.07.2013

So delicious! The baby is very like to eat, my baby more than seven months a day to eat a bag.

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer2780438 19.03.2012

2rd order ,everyting is good.

very good!
Отзыв оставлен Reviewer1180120 24.11.2011

very good!

Yummy Yummy Yummy. Great on the go treat! Larger size than apples apples apples.
Отзыв оставлен анонимно 20.07.2014

I bought a couple of peaches + bananas in Edinburgh to give my little one and she just loved these! I don't think there is a preference when it comes to fruit puree, most are wonderfully delicious. Best thing about Ella's is: no spill, organic ingredients, great taste, and no leftover stuff (because almost every kid I know eats the whole thing up in one go). I wish they would sell these in South Korea!

Отзыв оставлен Reviewer3244254 12.08.2011

My baby loves this